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Are You Prepared?
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Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Jesus is the Son of God, and this movie proclaims it! It's what Muslims need to know, and the rock they stumble over. I'm a little upset that they seem to be making this stuff up as they go and they forgot to mention that Peter first let Jesus use his boat so He could pull away from shore and preach to the multitudes. If you are going to put it on the big screen, why not tell it like it is? I see they were trying to make a correlation between the stone that the devil tempted Jesus to turn into bread and the multiplying of the fishes, but the facts are that Jesus came down from the 40 day fast and began preaching in the synagogues. Luke chapter 4.
What would Jesus think of it? He has patience with everyone who seeks him, coming to God as a little child. I think the producers accomplished that. But it wasn't necessary to stray from the facts of the Word to do it. Everybody can be shouting, "Oh, wonderful, wonderful!" because it's an emotional response to the great and awesome things Jesus did, but it's not alright to make it up as you go and use that kind of poetic license with the scripture lest you find yourself at odds with the Word Himself; Jesus is the Word made flesh, you can't rearrange that. How hard would it be to show that Jesus preached from Peter's boat first and then he told him to go out into the deep and let down his nets for a draught?

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