Are You Prepared?

Are You Prepared?
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Wednesday, May 22, 2013


We used to live half-way between Rockford and Byron about 20 years ago, and one very hot day I packed up my kids, along with a few neighbor kids, and went to McDonald's to cool off and eat and have some fun. When dusk was getting ready to fall, we went out and climbed the steep little hill up to Walmart, just for fun. 
My kids were running through the sprinklers in front of the garden display when it suddenly turned so black I could no longer see them! Things began flying all around me! I started to call out for my kids but I couldn’t even hear myself shout! There was a deafening roar like a freight train! 
I became terrified! I turned to run into Walmart, but my kids and their friends were scattered over by the garden tent, so I couldn't leave them! I turned and faced the storm. I had to lean into the wind with all my might, and with all my heart I started to shout! I rebuked it in the name of Jesus! I said, “You leave my kids alone and don’t touch them! You stop! You cease and desist, in Jesus’ name!” 
Suddenly, like little lights in the darkness, I started seeing my kids and their friends here and there, and they were shouting too! They were rebuking the storm in the name of Jesus!
Then it was gone!
Lights were out everywhere, in Walmart, and all the way down the street. Sirens were going off; poles were down! My kids never forgot the day we rebuked the storm in Jesus’ name!  ...and I know their friends didn't either! Hallelujah!

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